Surf Life Saving

Snugg have been making sport specific wetsuits for surf lifesaving for 20 years


Snugg ‘Iron man’ wetsuit

The most popular choice for surf life savers, the ‘ironman’ is manufactured as the speed suit with the exception of short legs made with double lined neoprene instead of smoothskin, for increased durability & grip whilst on the ski.

Snugg ‘Iron man’ long legged wetsuit


Paddle Longs (trousers)

Designed to make those cold days on the ski and board more comfortable without the restriction of wearing a full suit.

Paddle Shorts

Shaped specifically for sitting on the ski or bending on the board.


Paddle Vest

As an undergarment or on its own, the paddle vest allows freedom of movement whilst providing warmth.


Silver Pink Aqua Pewter Red Royal Slate Black