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take your measurements correctly.

How to Measure from Malcolm Ball on Vimeo.

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Some Suits are not available in all thicknesses / styles.
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cm inches
See NOTES on measuring
1 Neck, around adams apple
2 Chest or bust, around widest point approx nipple high
3 Chest, expanded (Not illustrated)
4 Waist, narrowest point below rib cage
5 Upper hip on hip bone
6 Around bum, widest point
7 Shoulder width across back from top of shoulder centre of deltoid
8 Inside arm length (as shown, not hollow of arm pit)
9 Around bicep (widest point, arm by side, relaxed)
10 Around elbow
11 Around upper forearm, widest point
12 Around wrist, narrowest point
13 Inside leg, top of legs to middle ankle bone
14 Upper thigh, widest point
15 Around knee
16 Around calf widest point
17 around ankle narrowest point, above ankle bone
18 Front body length, from hollow at top of rib cage, below adams apple to centre of crutch where trouser seam crosses
(do not bend)
19 back body length, top of spine below neck to centre of crutch
20 Overall height
21 Head circumference, widest point

Additional measurements for ladies.

22 Below bust
23 Above bust

Preferred colour:

Other information :

Prove your a person, type
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Notes :

  • All measurements to be taken standing.
  • Get someone else to measure you.
  • Inches or centimeteres are ok (nearest 1/8 inch or 2mm).
  • Keep tape tight (No slack).
  • Double check all measurements.
  • If you have any problems please Contact us.

Tailor : Malcom Ball